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 Introduction of Jiangsu Sanhuan Industrial Co. Ltd

              The Drafter of The Lead-Acid Battery Manufacturing Equipment industry standards in China

              The Provider of Environmental Protection Engineering Solution 

              The Leader of the High Efficiency, Continuous and Stable Operating Battery Equipments 



Jiangsu Sanhuan Industry Co.,Ltd founded in 1978, located in Development Zone of Yixing Environmental Science & Technology Park with the beautiful and harmonious environment, has nearly 1,000 employees, more than 180 professional technicians.

Focus on continuously innovation and with consistent efforts in the past 36 years ,Jiangsu Sanhuan has become an professional company specialized in the design and development, manufacture ,installation, commissioning and sale service for lead-acid battery equipment and Environmental protection equipments. 

Jiangsu Sanhuan Company formerly known as Jiangsu Yixing No.3 Environmental Protection Equipment Factory, founded in 1978, registered capital of 100,000,000 yuan RMB, is one of the earliest manufacturers engaged in lead acid battery production quipments and environmental protection quipments in China. The company is the technology leader enterprise specialized in battery and environmental protection equipment developing, manufacturing, and service. The company has won the top 100 enterprises of environmental protection industry in China, Jiangsu high tech enterprise and Jiangsu top 100 private enterprises and so on. The company also passed the environmental management system and quality management system certification.

The factory covers an area of 78,000 square meters, construction area (including auxiliary housing) 48,000 square meters, fixed assets of 586,000,000 yuan, the company existing staff 1000 people, senior technical personnel 80, including engineering doctoral, engineering master, senior engineers and so on. Sanhuan people dare to innovate, and constantly develop new technology, new products, always stand in the forefront of the industry technology. 

Jiangsu Sanhuan adheres to the green environmental protection and clean production concept. With strong technical strength, advances management mode and enterprising innovation spirit, we have obtained the success of independent research and development of a series of battery special equipments, 200 patents, and has become the enterprise advaced battery production equipment and environmental protection equipment manufacturing leader.

Our development history:

1978.06: Established  Jiangsu Yixing No.3 Environmental Protection Equipment Factory;       

1997.01: Restructured as Jiangsu Sanhuan Industry Co., Ltd.

1997.01: Developed the first efficient  acid proportioning system in China

1997.08: Developed the first battery formation production line in China

1998.06: Developed the first curing chamber in China

1998.10: Developed the first acid fog processing system in China

1999.10: Developed the first L series lead powder machine in China

2000.05: Developed the first paste machine in China

2001.09: Develop the first LS series lead powder machine in Chin

2006.05: Developed the first 24T-S series lead powder machine in China

2007.11: Developed the first lead powder machine of high apparent density of one machine with two                powder in China

2008.09: Developed the first 2V battery acid cycle formation system in China

2009.02: Developed the first high temperature curing chamber in China

2009.10: Developed the first Barton type lead powder machine in China

2010.02: Developed the first fully automated lead belt production line in China

2012.05: Developed the first automatic grid expanded production line in China

2012.07: Developed the first 6V, 12V battery acid cycle formation system in China

2013.03: Awarded the "12th Five Year” Environmental Protection Equipment “Specialization and                        New"  Enterprise

2013.08: Developed the first fully automated SF-28LS lead powder machine in China

2013.10, Developed the first fully automated wide lead belt production line in China

In the past 10 years, Chinese output and export lead-acid batteries are in about 20% of high-speed

development, accounting for the global 1/4, became the first production country.

According to the principle of the rational layout, overall control, optimize the inventory, orderly competition, protecting the environment, improving the access threshold,  eliminating backward production capacity, Our company has been enhancing the level of clean and automation production equipments.

For keeping pace with the times, transformation and upgrade, We has been producing the clean production equipments which the battery industry needs.

They are:

1. The high capacity and environmental protection type lead powder production line (SF-28LS);

2. The fully automatic plate production line;

3. The fully automatic 110 type lead belt line;

4. The fully automatic expanded grid production line;

5. The fully automatic coated board and table line;

6. The fully automatic 400 type lead belt line; 

7. The fully automatic punching net type grid plate production line; 

8. The fully automatic coated board and table line;

9. The continuous casting production line; 

10. The grid coated board and table line;

11. The tube type battery positive plate production line;

12. The high temperature curing chamber;

13. The workshop position air supply system;

14. The acid cycle battery formation system;

15. The new environmental protection processing device;

16. The two-grade wet lead smoke purifying device;

17. The SLC vertical mounted cone filter cartridge;

18. The HEPA type dust remover;

19. The reclaimed water system;

20. The concentrated water and eliminating lead and deep desalting system;

Our products have been sold well in China, and exported to Europe, America, Asia and Africa. Our 

company has become the well-known lead-acid attery equipment and environmental protection 

equipment manufacturing enterprise at home and abroad. At present, we have built business relationship with 95% of domestic lead acid battery factories, nearly 1000 sets of our equipments are running stably in more than 500 factories and companies all over the world. Now, “Sanhuan” products are well welcome all over the country and popular in more than 30 countries and regions, supplying lead acid battery equipments and environmental protection equipments , Sanhuan has become a world famous comprehensive service company.

We are willing to provide the scheme demonstration of lead-acid battery manufacturing engineering and environmental engineering, and the design and construction of the project for you.

We are willing to provide efficient and clean lead-acid battery production equipments and the production lines for you.

We are willing to provide the best and one-stop service for you.

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