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Chronicles And Major Honors Achievements


Pioneering stage (1978 to 1994)

1978: the founder of machinery and equipment manufacturing;

1982: renamed ;

1994: the conversion to stock cooperative enterprises, registered capital of 2.5 million                  RMB;


Development phase (1994 to 2000)

1994: began mainly engaged in environmental protection equipment manufacturing and 

             installation business and lead-acid battery equipment manufacturing;

1997: successfully developed China's first high-acid system with the battery into the 

             production line;

1998: successfully developed China's first fully automatic curing chamber;

1999: successfully developed China's first fully automatic L series lead powder machine, 

             automatic mist treatment system;

2000: successfully developed China's first fully automated and cream machine;

1995: the Yixing City contract and trustworthy enterprises;

1997: the top ten enterprises in Yixing Industry;

1998: the top fifty private Yixing, hundred advanced enterprise;

1999: the State Environmental Protection Administration issued the environmental 

             protection achieved quality of industrial products approved report;

1999 : HK-efficiency acid preparation device is Yixing, Wuxi Municipal Science and 

              Technology Progress Award;

2000: HKE-efficiency combined lead dust cleaning deivce for scientific and technological

               progress Sidengjiang Yixing, Wuxi is Science and Technology Progress Award;


Growth stage ( 2000 to 2009 )

2000:the reorganized tricyclic Industrial Co., Ltd. , Jiangsu . Registered capital of 16 

             million yuan ;

2001:successfully developed China 's first fully automated LS series lead powder 

            machine ;

2006: the successful development of fully automated 24T/24hS series of energy lead 

             powder machine ;

2007: successfully developed China 's first fully automated coated board machine ;

2008: successfully developed China 's first acid cycle into the system ;

2008: the investment in the establishment of Jiangsu Pizhou Sanyang Environmental 

             Engineering Limited ( 2008.11.3 ) ;

             Invested in Xiangshui Xiangshui Sanhe Environmental Protection Equipment Co., 

###) ;

2008: the establishment of Yixing battery equipment engineering technology research 

             and development center ;

2009: the capital increase, the registered capital of 80 million yuan ;

2009: successfully developed China 's first high-temperature curing chamber ;

2001: the Science and Technology Department of Jiangsu Province high-tech products 

             that certificates issued ;

2002: the production of highly efficient device is battery Yixing City , Wuxi City, science 

             and technology progress second and fourth prize ;

2006: the National Torch Plan Key technology enterprises ;

2006: the high-tech enterprises in Jiangsu Province ;

2006: the state-level key high-tech enterprises ;

2006: the top 100 private enterprises in Jiangsu Province ;

###Year Yixing Technological Progress Advanced Enterprises ;

2009: the environmental protection industry outstanding enterprises in Wuxi City ;

2009: through the quality management system certification , environmental management 

              system certification ;

2010: the Wuxi City contract and trustworthy enterprises ;

2010: AAA grade credit enterprise ;

2010: through the CE certification ;

2010:Yixing Industrial Production Advanced Enterprises, advanced enterprises in an 

             open economy , technological innovation advanced enterprise ;


Mature expansion phase ( 2009 - present )

2010: successfully developed a fully automated production line with a lead ;

2010: the establishment of Wuxi City, battery equipment engineering technology 

             research and development center ;

2011: the capital increase, the registered capital of 100 million yuan ;

2011: the Ministry of Science and Technology Torch High-tech Industrial Development 

             Center backbone enterprises ;

2011: the Wuxi City, focusing on cultivating and developing international brands ;

2011: the China Electrical Equipment Industry Association branch of the governing unit                  of  lead-acid batteries ;

2011: the China Federation of Private Enterprises vice president of units ;

2011: AAA grade credit enterprise ;

2011: Yixing Industrial Production Advanced Enterprises, advanced enterprises in an 

             open economy , technological innovation advanced enterprise ;

2012: the company's R & D center in Jiangsu Province as " Jiangsu Province Enterprise 

             Technology Center" ;

2012年: AAA grade credit enterprise ;

2012: Yixing Environmental Protection Industry Backbone Enterprises ; Pollution Control 

             Star Enterprise ;

2012: the Top Fifty Companies Yixing Industrial , Scientific and Technological Innovation 

             Advanced Enterprise ;


Jiangsu Sanhuan has won one after another honor. Chairman Mr. Wu Caixin was also named repeatedly by the town government party  : outstanding director , outstanding ( star ) entrepreneurs, outstanding party members , enthusiastic advanced individual philanthropy , charity model ; Wuxi City Environmental Protection Bureau was assessed as excellent environmental protection industry entrepreneurs ; and served as vice chairman of China Federation of private Enterprises , China chemical and Physical Power industry Association , China Electrotechnical Society Commissioners professional members lead-acid batteries , Chinese mechanical Engineering Society of mechanical design Branch Committee, Council of China Environment News and China power magazine editorial.



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